Peeing Horse Causes High School Football Game to Be Postponed

A high school football game took place on Friday in Queen Creek, Arizona, a suburb southwest of Phoenix, on a gorgeous night. The sun was going down. A striking backdrop was created by the San Tan Mountains in front of the south end zone. A person on horseback entered the field while toting an American flag. It was a breathtakingly lovely scene. Every detail was amazing. Until the horse started acting like a horse.

The horse urinated all over the field as soon as it stopped at the midfield logo. The game had to be postponed due to the inconvenient urinating while a young boy with a shovel went outside to collect up as much of it as he could.

When you bring live animals into a sporting event, you run that danger. Animals, particularly horses, have a tendency to go potty when it’s not convenient. Just as well, since it could have arrived from the other end.

The young person who attempted to clean it up did a great job. It can’t be simple to scoop up a liquid from an artificial grass field with a shovel that looks to have slots in the back. He was working hard, but he couldn’t have

Hurricane Idalia is making an impact on Week 2 of high school football in Florida.

Idalia is currently projected to make landfall on Florida’s west coast as a Category 3 hurricane with the potential to sweep across central Florida, including the Big Bend and Jacksonville areas.

Several Florida counties are under a tropical storm watch as of Tuesday morning.

Leon County Schools will close on Wednesday, Aug. 30, and all after school activities, including volleyball matches, for Leon County Schools will be canceled after 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

Here’s a running list of Florida high school football games which have been impacted by Hurricane Idalia:

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